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Introduction to OSF (draft Open Data Workshop)

Introduction to OSF (draft Open Data Workshop)

This slides are the draft for
Open Data Workshop materials 5-9 Feb 2018 Funded by SSEAC Usyd.
This slide was largely borrowed from standard slides of OSF Ambassador, created by Jolene Esposito (OSF).


Dasapta Erwin Irawan

January 10, 2018


  1. Introduction to OSF and how it helps you documenting your

    research Dasapta Erwin Irawan Institut Teknologi Bandung OSF ambassador
  2. This slide was largely borrowed from standard slides of OSF

    Ambassador, created by Jolene Esposito (OSF)
  3. MISSION Improving Openness, Integrity, and Reproducibility of Scientific Research

  4. □ Technology to enable change □ Training to enact change

    □ Incentives to embrace change
  5. Ambassador program GOALS □ Build a network of open science

    enthusiasts outside of COS □ Help spread the word about COS along with other, general open science topics □ Become a local resource for open science related topics
  6. Infrastructure Metascience Community

  7. 1. Infrastructure Building free technology to enable change

  8. Open Science Framework Free web app to support your research

    workflow Collaboration Documentation Archiving
  9. Automatic file versioning recent and previous versions of file

  10. persistent identifier used in a citation Persistent Citable Identifiers

  11. Registrations

  12. File downloads Forks Analytics visits popular pages referrals

  13. OpenSesame OSF Connects Services Researchers Use

  14. OpenSesame OSF

  15. OSF Institutions Showcasing institutional research Research projects at UVA Metadata

    about projects Sort by contributors or tags Custom branding
  16. OSF Institutions: Current Partners Coming soon:

  17. OSF Institutions Showcasing institutional research GOAL: Increase the visibility of

    research at the institutional level
  18. More info: cos.io/our-products/osf-preprints/ OSF Preprints Enhance research visibility

  19. OSF Preprints: Current Partners

  20. More info: cos.io/our-products/osf-preprints/ OSF Preprints Enhance research visibility GOAL: Accelerate

    scholarly review, publishing, and discovery.
  21. 2. Metascience Acquiring evidence to encourage change

  22. Reproducibility Project: Psychology

  23. Reproducibility Project: Psychology • 100 studies published in 3 psychology

    journals • Used high-powered designs and original materials • 36% of replications had significant results • Completed in 2015. Results published in Science magazine.
  24. Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology

  25. Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology • 7 studies completed thus far

    • Preclinical cancer biology studies (no human subjects clinical trials) • Results being published in eLife
  26. Social Sciences Replication Project

  27. Social Sciences Reproducibility Project • 21 social sciences studies published

    in Nature and Science between 2010 - 2015. • Run by Stockholm School of Economics • COS’s role is to help replicate 5 of the 21 studies • Read more: socialsciencesreplicationproject.com
  28. Summary RP:P 100 Psychology studies 36% of studies replicated Final

    results published in Science August 2015 More info: osf.io/ezcuj RP:CB 31 Cancer Biology studies 7 replications complete Ongoing results published in eLife More info: osf.io/e81xl SSRP 21 Social Science studies 21 replications complete Results TBD More info: osf.io/pfdyw
  29. 3. Community Fostering connections to propagate change

  30. Journal Initiatives □ Open Science Badges □ Transparency and Openness

    Promotion (TOP) Guidelines □ Registered Reports
  31. Open Science Badges More info:cos.io/badges

  32. Examples

  33. TOP Guidelines Eight Standards 1. Data citation 2. Design transparency

    3. Research materials transparency 4. Data transparency 5. Analytic methods (code) transparency 6. Preregistration of studies 7. Preregistration of analysis plans 8. Replication Three Tiers 1. Disclose 2. Require 3. Verify Signatories Over 5,000 Journals Over 60 Organizations Learn more at http://cos.io/top TOP = Transparency and Openness Promotion
  34. Registered Reports More info: https://cos.io/rr

  35. COS Training Team More info: https://cos.io/our-services/training-services/ Training Services □ Webinars

    □ Workshops □ One on one consults Answering questions about the OSF, reproducible practices, using R to analyze data, stats help, etc.
  36. $1,000,000 Preregistration Challenge More info: https://cos.io/prereg

  37. COS Ambassadors program Expectations & Benefits Expectations □ Become well

    versed with/stay informed of COS initiatives and activities □ Assist with promoting COS activities □ Inform COS of your activities so we can help you as well (post in the Google Group, upload slides to the OSF project, etc.)
  38. COS Ambassadors program Expectations & Benefits Benefits □ Awareness of

    the great things happening around open science initiatives □ Increased visibility for your own research and/or open science related activities □ Connections with other open science enthusiasts □ Recognition for activities you participate in
  39. Thanks! Questions? Comments? Contact me! dasaptaerwin at gmail @dasaptaerwin ?