Intelligent Intelligence: Secrets to Threat Intel Success

Intelligent Intelligence: Secrets to Threat Intel Success

Those of us tasked with defending networks are lucky to live in a time when there is so much information floating around about our adversaries, their goals, techniques and tools. The sheer amount of information that’s readily available, though, can present a problem of it’s own: overload. From reports to indicator feeds to samples of malicious files, there’s just so much raw data available that it’s often not clear which pieces will have the most impact on our ability to resist our adversaries. Using them all indiscriminately leads to piles of ignored alerts, swamped analysts and undetected attacks. However, by making smart choices about which pieces of information we use, we can both reduce the burden on the defender and increase the cost of the adversary’s attacks, making it harder for them to operate against us. Join us to hear about a smarter, goal-driven approach to using threat intelligence intelligently as we discuss “Secrets to Threat Intel Success”.


David J. Bianco

January 12, 2016