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Raising the Tide: Driving Improvement in Security by Being a Good Human

Raising the Tide: Driving Improvement in Security by Being a Good Human

[As presented at the SANS Threat Hunting & Incident Response Summit 2020]

They say “a rising tide floats all boats” and on the surface you might think the Information Security tide is pretty high: the demand for our services continues to grow, we are well-paid, and every day brings us new and interesting problems to work on. Not all is well in the harbor, though: getting your first job in infosec is hard, we’re subject to high levels of burnout, and many of the ways we communicate with each other can feel like cesspools of gatekeeping and toxic negativity. Yet solving these problems is crucial if we hope to stay afloat.

“But I’m only one person! What can I possibly do to make things better?” Change is always driven by individuals, and it takes surprisingly few of us to make things better! In this session, we’ll discuss three simple things that we can each do to help raise the tide for the entire security industry.

David J. Bianco

September 11, 2020

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