The Art of Work

The Art of Work

Presentation I gave at the University of Ulster to final year Interactive Multimedia design students.


David Rice

March 28, 2012


  1. The Art of Work by David Rice ( )

  2. My Story

  3. <insert ze infos please>

  4. Goals

  5. What is your goal of working

  6. What does success look like for you

  7. Money Friendship Security Achievement Identity Happiness Is it,

  8. Your goals will define the direction of your career, think

    carefully about it
  9. Money will always be an aspect however it shouldn’t be

    a sole focus
  10. If you optimise for alternative goals, the money will come

  11. In the real world anything is possible

  12. If you have an end goal you can work out

    the shortest path
  13. Set realistic, intermediate goals

  14. Retarget

  15. Employment

  16. Who do you work for

  17. Freelance Employment > Enterprise > Non-enterprise Startup

  18. Depending on who you work for your remuneration will be

  19. Salaried Hourly Piece Rate Commission Profit Sharing Equity Money

  20. It’s also good to know more about the job you

    are to do, not just the figure
  21. Company profile Coworkers Technologies Methodologies Ethos

  22. Skills

  23. Find an enemy

  24. Keep an open mind, allow yourself to be inspired

  25. Work internationally

  26. Reputation > portfolio

  27. Get involved

  28. Be the worst player in the band

  29. Work on projects that motivate you

  30. Step outside your comfort zone

  31. Learn how to ask for help

  32. Ask for help

  33. Thanks, any questions @davidjrice