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Sketch 3D

Sketch 3D

A three dimensional painting and sculpting tool.


Daniel Bader

July 13, 2010


  1. Sketch 3D a three dimensional painting / sculpting tool !

    ! ! 3DUI Project Martin Schanzenbach, Felix Kaser, Daniel Bader 1
  2. The original idea A marker defines an editing volume 2

  3. The original idea Use a tracked pen to place “3D

    pixels” in the editing volume 3
  4. The original idea Move the camera to freely explore the

    object you just painted 4
  5. Improvements Editing volume restricting the painting area not helpful for

    users ! Interpolation to smooth out drawing movements fill out gaps when moving quickly better visual results 5
  6. Improvements II The ground marker can be moved freely !

    A MacGyver-style pen device 6
  7. Usability testing: The setup Testers were asked to recreate simple

    shapes: 7
  8. Usability testing: The setup II Positions of the screen and

    the camera were changed Camera: above vs. facing user vs. on the shoulder Screen: in front of user vs. completely hidden ! Tester performance was rated based on duration and precision 8
  9. Usability testing: The results Tester performance was best when the

    screen was hidden initially (for the first tries) and the camera was placed “over the shoulder” ! Testers found it easiest to control their hand motion when the screen worked like a mirror e.g. moving your hand to the right translates to a movement to the right on screen 9
  10. Usability testing: The results II It was difficult for testers

    to keep the marker visible to the camera ! Testers had problems navigating back to positions in space Possible solutions: add a cursor, add shadows 10
  11. Usability testing: Impressions 11

  12. Usability testing: Impressions 12

  13. Usability testing: Impressions It is possible to paint something nice...

    :-) 13
  14. Fun ideas 14 Place the ground marker on a rotary

    disk... Virtual pottery!
  15. Demo 15

  16. Questions 16 Checkout the project at ! Thanks for

    your attention!