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Serializer Demystified (Demo Run)

Serializer Demystified (Demo Run)

The Serializer is an essential tool when building APIs with Symfony. Knowing it in more detail can save you a lot of time when you want to customize how your data is handled. In this talk we will look at how the Symfony Serializer works by default by having a deeper look at the provided Normalizers and then we will look at some use cases for customizing both how data is serialized and deserialized.

This slidedeck is based on a demo project I showed during the Symfony User Group Osnabrück in November as preparation for my talk for the SymfonyWorld.

Denis Brumann

November 10, 2020

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  1. interface EncoderInterface { public function encode($data, string $format, array $context

    = []); public function supportsEncoding(string $format); } interface NormalizerInterface { public function normalize($object, string $format = null, array $context = []); public function supportsNormalization($data, string $format = null); }
  2. interface DenormalizerInterface { public function denormalize($data, string $type, string $format

    = null, array $context = []); public function supportsDenormalization($data, string $type, string $format = null); } interface DecoderInterface { public function decode(string $data, string $format, array $context = []); public function supportsDecoding(string $format); }
  3. Key Default Value Comment JsonEncode::OPTIONS 0 json_encode()-options bitmask JsonDecode::OPTIONS 0

    json_decode()-options bitmask JsonDecode::ASSOCIATIVE false Whether json_decode() should return associative array or stdClass JsonDecode::RECURSION_DEPTH 512 Recursion depth for json_decode()
  4. GetSetMethodNormalizer get…, is…, has… set… PropertyNormalizer Reflection for accessing class

    attributes ObjectNormalizer Uses Symfony PropertyAccess get…, is…, has… public properties add…/remove… for single entry in collections
  5. AbstractNormalizer:: Keys Description ALLOW_EXTRA_ATTRIBUTES On denormalization extra attributes, that do

    not match the object, are ignored instead of throwing an error ATTRIBUTES Array of class properties that should be encoded/decoded, including nested properties, e.g.: ['familyName', 'company' => ['name']] IGNORED_ATTRIBUTES List of attributes to be ignored on encoding/decoding GROUPS Serialization groups to consider for encoding/decoding (can be specified with annotation on class properties)