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Observability within your DevOps Organization

Observability within your DevOps Organization

how your organization could look up your engineering, how to get better at it.
the mindset and tools

Deden Fathurahman

September 20, 2018

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  1. Observability in engineering perspective are the state when we are

    able to know and see almost everything that happen in our system. ~ me
  2. > in the old days, monitoring are Ops domain >

    most of the time it's limited to only checks it checks whether the machine is up, or the network is ok, or the applications are running
  3. These days applications are complex and got deployed on distributed

    system mindset. How you monitor all of these systems that running to more than 10 or 40 instances or more? Imagine you have lots of microservices running on it. Today’s Challenge Across the region, across the datacenter. Can you Observe all of these things? What kind of output these system generated? Will the output going to be useful for the organization?
  4. • Clarity and transparency • Measurement and Prevention • Stability

    & Optimization • Data Insight Why do we need Observability?
  5. Observability is not all about the tools tools can change

    over time it’s about the people, the people who build the systems, the people who put their love on their products
  6. Are we there yet? Yes. Good! if we’re not there,

    yet, how to change and how do we get there?
  7. Build engineering culture in the organization that cares about the

    business and its surrounding. First Convince and get the team on board in this journey. Change the mindset, break the habits to implement this new culture.
  8. The engineers must expand their horizon of thought and help

    other engineer or team member to be great at their job. What mindset or culture are we talking?
  9. Let’s break it down As an engineer : What kind

    of thing do I want to improve? Can I measure what I want to build? Is this the best way to achieve this? Can other engineers get the benefits from what I want to build?
  10. To get better at Observability, we need tools or solution

    depending on our needs. Tooling - Logging - Performance Monitoring - Metrics - Debugging - Tracing
  11. New relic, Datadog, Pagetduty, Grafana, Mochajs, Testify, Ginko, CircleCI, TravisCI,

    Gitlab Runner, Docker, ELK, Zipkin, Finagle, Jenkins, Spinnaker, ATLAS, Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus, Mesos, DC/OS, Hadoop, R, Spark, Openshift, etc. Tools Some of the tools that usually used by engineers. commercial, opensource or both.