What is Memory Foam?

What is Memory Foam?

1. What is Memory Foam?
2. How it Works?
3. Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress.



March 27, 2020


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    WHAT IS MEMORY FOAM? In early 1980, NASA introduced memory

    foam (MF) to the public and it leads to huge production ever since. • Made Using Viscoelastic • Returns back to original foam • Energy absorbent and soft • Molds to the body, responding to the heat and pressure • known for elasticity • Evenly distributes body weight
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    HOW IT WORKS Memory foam has an open-cell structure that

    matches body pressure subjected to it. The internal structure relaxes when it comes in contact with body heat and becomes softer. It molds according to the pressure and heat absorbed. The foam gradually springs back to its original shape when not in use.
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    BENEFITS OF MEMORY FOAM • Helps to relieve pressure points

    • Provide excellent support by conforming to your body ‘s curve and weight • Ideal for a backache and body pain • Zero motion transfer