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Portfolio Talk

Portfolio Talk

Presentation given internally at Booking.com for a group of attendees beginning in tech


Daniel Fosco

July 05, 2018


  1. Portfolio Talk

  2. Daniel Fosco UX Designer @ Booking.com

  3. previously UX Designer @ VTEX

  4. Let's talk about design portfolios

  5. Portfolios are important

  6. but overrated

  7. Do you really need one What should be in a

    portfolio Notes on Job Hunting
  8. Do you really need one

  9. Yes, probably

  10. ✅ Your past design experience ✅ How you communicate

  11. Just a tool for showing your work

  12. It doesn't have to be flashy

  13. You don't have to build a website

  14. Adobe Portfolio Behance Dribbble Squarespace Webflow

  15. ...PDF

  16. Show your work experience in a meaningful way

  17. What should be in a portfolio

  18. Your design work How you solve problems

  19. Your design work 2-3 projects

  20. What I look for

  21. Quality Process Results

  22. Quality Interaction design, UI, research deliverables, explaining how solutions were

    translated into design
  23. Process Problem definition, how you validated your design, feedback and

    iteration, research methods, collaboration with developers
  24. Solution Show the final version, the outcomes of the project,

    what you learned, what you would have done differently
  25. None
  26. What should (not) be in a portfolio

  27. Too much

  28. Hi, my name is Amelia I'm a UX designer with

    a focus on animation and a passion for qualitative research Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 About Contact
  29. 90% Photoshop

  30. Notes on Job Hunting

  31. Research the company

  32. Know your story

  33. Get involved

  34. None
  35. None
  36. Be there for people

  37. Thanks

  38. @dfosco bitly.com/portfolio-talk-feedback