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Debugging (Varnish)

Debugging (Varnish)

An overview of some of the research done in the practice and pedagogy of debugging, as well as some examples of ways that Fastly has addressed issues with debugging Varnish "at scale". A video of this talk is available at https://www.infoq.com/fr/presentations/varnishcon-devon-odell-debugging

Devon H. O'Dell

June 18, 2016

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  1. Who am I? Tech Lead, Varnish PFID @ Fastly Personal

    interest in performance, debugging, concurrency, and introspection. Usually confused about something.
  2. “Everyone knows that debugging is twice as hard as writing

    a program in the first place. So if you're as clever as you can be when you write it, how will you ever debug it?” (Brian Kernighan, TEOPS, 1974)
  3. “The relationships between debugging success and individual factors … have

    not been researched… Given that debugging presents challenges for many novices, exploring the influence of self theories on student approaches to debugging appears worthwhile.”
  4. Varnish Debugging Tools • varnishlog / varnishtop / varnishncsa /

    varnishreplay / varnishadm • vcl tracing • crash traces • gdb / lldb • perf / hwpmc