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TokyoR extra #1

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April 18, 2014

TokyoR extra #1

Lightning talk



April 18, 2014

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  1. How  do  you  keep   our  mo-va-on? 2014/4/17

  2. I am a big fan of googleVis

  3. シリーズRで可視化#1   ggplot2と   googleVisと   hwriterで   レポートを作る  

             @dichika   This  is  the  evidence
  4. Me •  Daisuke  Ichikawa   •  First  year  of  the

     doctoral  course  of  University   of  Tokyo   •  Major  :  Social  medicine   •  Research  interest  :  Mo-va-on  for  health   •  daisukeichikawa.blogspot.com  
  5. How  do  you  keep   your  mo-va-on   during  analysis?

  6. My  Ordinary  days beginning dead  -me finish  &    beer

  7. Get  up  our  dead  -me   for  keeping  our  mo-va-on

  8. But  analysis  is  a  silent  task •  R  doesn't  say

     any  words   •  Just  send  text  messages   •  You  get  rewards  from  just  reading  messages   from  your  R   Difficult  to  keep  our  mo-va-on  
  9. Solu-ons •  Take  a  nap   – Great,  but  can  you

     do  it?   •  Listen  to  music   – OK,  music  could  make  us  relaxed   – But  it  doesn't  pull  up  our  mo-va-on  for  analysis   directly   •  How  should  we  do?
  10. Requirements •  Methods  other  than  text  messages   •  Related

     to  the  process  of  our  analysis  
  11. I  have  developed  two  packages •  yeah   •  pings

      – both  packages  are  based  on  pingr  package
  12. yeah  package •  You  can  hear  the  author's  voice  of

     packages   •  Includes    two  func-ons   – libraryy  :  load  package  and  sound   – yeah  :  just  sound  
  13. pings  package •  Counts  the  number  of  chain  operators  and

      make  a  sound   •  Chain  operators  are  included  in  some  libs   – dplyr  %.%   – magri_r  %>%   •  With  chain  operators,  you  don't  need  to  use   make  temporary  objects  for  acquiring  the  final   result  
  14. example library(yeah)   libraryy(pings)    #  My  voice   libraryy(dplyr)

       #  No  voice   pings(mtcars  %.%                          filter(am==1)  %.%                        group_by(gear)  %.%                          summarise(avg_wt  =  mean(wt))                          )
  15. Conclusion •  Difficult  to  keep  mo-va-on  during  analysis    

    •  yeah  and  pings  might  be  helpful   •  You  can  install  both  from  github   – h_ps://github.com/dichika/yeah
  16. Enjoy!!!