Repurposing the “Human-Factor” for blended learning

Repurposing the “Human-Factor” for blended learning

Keynote title: Repurposing the “Human-Factor” for blended learning.

“Digital and Online” are core aspects of our modern world, however we must not lose sight of the human-factor when we use digital tools and systems as part of our teaching and learning experiences.

In his keynote presentation, Simon will deconstruct three core questions set out by Paul LeBlanc in his article The Human-Technology Intersection: A Framework.

1. What (face-to-face) human interactions are most critical for student success?

2. How can technology enable better versions of those interactions?

3. Where can technology replace people so that human resources can be redirected to accomplish more of those interactions?

These questions will be explored in relation to rethinking the curriculum design of blended courses with an emphasis on repurposing the face-to-face experience to support effective blended experiences.

Pre-reading / Pre-Activity

The keynote session will be “flipped” in the sense that there is a small amount of pre-reading required of Paul LeBlanc’s Educause article. There is also an interactive Padlet space for attendees to add some initial thoughts and comments relating to these questions, which you are invited to contribute to before the event.

Please bring a web-enabled device with you to the keynote session.


Simon Thomson

May 09, 2019