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Designing for change and disruption

Simon Wright
October 26, 2011

Designing for change and disruption

Change is never a smooth process. How do know when disruption is useful and how do you cope with the feedback on it? Presented at Web Directions South 2011 with Scott Bryant.

Simon Wright

October 26, 2011

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  1. “New news.com.au design brought to you by someone with a

    set of crayons. Yeesh.” via twitter, 3rd September 2011 photo: flickr user clarkmaxwell
  2. “I’m sure I’m a million years late on this but

    LOLOLOL the news.com.au web site is a pile of garbage from the garbage factory! #garbage via twitter, 3rd September 2011
  3. “It's not change that people don't like.. it's sloppy designs

    that look tacky I'm doing cert 4 web design and I can put together something like that in 5 minutes and have it coded in under an hour..” via facebook, 3rd September 2011
  4. simplify that list Your goal is a list of only

    5 measures 5 ways to know what “done” means.
  5. business secrets! Differentiate from competitors Engage users who “tune out”

    categories More opportunities for top-stories traffic Appeals to our target market
  6. the suits are happy, now it’s your turn. what does

    success look like for design/ux?
  7. design secrets! More energy and pace Separate news from feature/lifestyle

    Content (not design) is the hero Strong brand around news stories
  8. “Your new site is sh*t. I can’t find ANYTHING. You

    are forcing me to become an uninformed person. Change it back.” via twitter, 5th September 2011
  9. “ps. I’m ‘unliking’ this page and removing the site from

    my favourites. Bye.” via facebook, 11th September 2011