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Rogue Agents - Stop AI from misusing APIs

Rogue Agents - Stop AI from misusing APIs

Dominik Kundel

January 23, 2024

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  1. Rogue Agents Stop AI from misusing APIs TechTalks SF -

    Jan ‘24 Dominik Kundel d-k.im/rogue-agents Dominik Kundel | @dkundel
  2. console.log(` Hi! I’m Dominik Kundel `); dkundel.com @dkundel [email protected] github/dkundel

    Product Lead @ Twilio && JavaScript Hacker Dominik Kundel | @dkundel
  3. Dominik Kundel | @dkundel How to connect AI to APIs

    Platforms Frameworks Native LLM Functions 🦜🔗
  4. Treat AI-exposed APIs as public Security mechanisms outside AI world

    Dominik Kundel | @dkundel Takeaways? Toddler-proof your home API!
  5. console.log(` 💖 Thank You! 🎉 `); dkundel.com @dkundel [email protected] github/dkundel

    d-k.im/rogue-agents Dominik Kundel | @dkundel | #workfromhomeconf |