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Ruby Toolbox for DevOps

Richard Lee
December 08, 2012

Ruby Toolbox for DevOps

Presented at RubyConf Taiwan 2012.

Richard Lee

December 08, 2012

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  1. end

  2. Janky for Help! A Sinatra app as JSON bridge Built

    on Jenkins Controlled by Hubot Designed for / by GitHub
  3. Machines in Chef Client Node API client for provisioning and

    management. Your any controlled servers.
  4. Objects in Chef Cookbook Data bag Certain steps to install

    / configure resources on nodes Data storages for cookbook to configure resources. (Encrypted / Unencrypted)
  5. Role The bridge between cookbooks & node. Define a run

    list for node. Some example: Web role’s run list :[“nginx”, “rails”] Database role’s run list :[“mysql”]
  6. Chef v.s. Puppet Basically the same thing / idea Puppet

    uses customized DSL for cookbook Chef just uses Ruby
  7. lograge Turn your multiline logs into one line Dec 08

    13:18:11 web1 rails: method=GET path=/recipes/14628 format=html controller=recipes action=show status=200.00 duration=296.24 view=177.28 db=96.89 redis=1.38 tire=0.00 ip=111.250.xxx.xxx referer=http://icook.tw/ recipes/fulltext_search?query=%E7%B3%96%E9%86%8B%E6%8E%92%E9%AA%A8 Good for grep & analysis