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Finding Meaningful, Mission-Driven Work

Daniel Lew
December 02, 2023

Finding Meaningful, Mission-Driven Work

Talk given at DevFest MN 2023. Recording forthcoming.


In order to help the environment, I recently quit my job to get a job in climate tech. Perhaps you, too, are interested in a career change to do more meaningful work.

It turns out that the search for mission-driven companies is a different beast than your normal job search. Requiring that a company’s mission matches your values adds extra difficulty to finding your next role.

In this talk, I’ll share my personal journey with all the lessons I learned along the way. Maybe some of it will be helpful to you!

Daniel Lew

December 02, 2023

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  1. ~Oyster Mission-driven companies work beyond the business or corporate purpose

    of earning pro fi ts and seek to change the world for the better in some way.
  2. Prioritize Requirement Optional • Climate-related • Compensation Threshold • Good

    work/life balance • Generous vacation policy • Local or hybrid • Small company