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Automated Tests Aren't Enough

Automated Tests Aren't Enough

Talk given at MinneBar 14.

Recording available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih1-y2Vdvic

Daniel Lew

April 27, 2019

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  1. Automated Tests Aren’t Enough

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  7. Can we get by with fewer

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  10. Markdown Rewrite!
    Specs Testability

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  12. Automated Tests Weren’t Enough
    Based on a true story

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  14. There were plenty of tests…
    …But they were incorrect!

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  15. Automation cannot prove

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  18. Correctness

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  20. There were plenty of tests…
    …But the UI was ugly!

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  21. Automation cannot prove

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  23. https://www.flickr.com/photos/eugene/186551247/

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  25. Goodness

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  27. There were plenty of tests…
    …But I had a blindspot!

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  29. There were plenty of tests…
    …Only worked on my device!

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  30. Automation cannot prove

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  31. https://www.flickr.com/photos/49580580@N02/41906545634/

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  33. Coverage

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  34. Automation Can Be Expensive
    • 100% code coverage is nearly impossible

    • UI testing sucks

    • Tests require maintenance

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  35. Nomenclature
    • Testing is the process of evaluating a product by learning about it through
    exploration and experimentation, which includes to some degree:
    questioning, study, modeling, observation, inference, etc.

    • Checking is the process of making evaluations by applying algorithmic
    decision rules to specific observations of a product.

    • James Bach & Michael Bolton - satisfice.com/blog/archives/856

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  36. Automation

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  37. Automation Manual

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  38. Manual Testing
    Strengths Weaknesses
    • Exploratory

    • Tests correctness

    • Tests goodness

    • Easy to “write” and “update”
    • Black-box testing only

    • Unreliable

    • Time intensive

    • Difficult reproductions

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  39. Automated Checks
    Strengths Weaknesses
    • Test any layer

    • Repeatable

    • Fast

    • Easy reproduction
    • Cannot explore

    • Cannot prove correctness

    • Cannot prove goodness

    • Expensive to maintain

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  40. Automation Manual

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  41. So, what did we do?

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  43. Developer Testing
    Developers Testers

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  44. Augment Manual Testers

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  45. Improve Automation Architecture
    Easy to Write Handle Everything

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  46. The End!

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