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DODDFW2017 - Better Remote Teams

DODDFW2017 - Better Remote Teams

Right people, with appropriate technology and smart management, can make a distributed team competitive with collocated Agile teams. Remote teams have their advantages, like skills not found in the local markets, and lower turnover. This session talks about leading great distributed teams.


DevOpsDays DFW

August 29, 2017


  1. Better Remote Teams Jane Prusakova DFW DevOps Days 2017 @jprusakova

  2. Offices 2 7 OFFICES Calgary Cleveland College Station Columbus Dallas

    Houston Minneapolis
  3. Agile: team seats together Face to Face always wins

  4. Reality: Face to face is hard

  5. None
  6. Effective teams Common vision and goal Collaboration Trust TIME COMMUNICATION

  7. Synch time Conversations are necessary for collaboration

  8. Team members need Access to communication channels Ability to collaborate

    Chance to contribute and lead
  9. Remoteness Everyone works from their own locations Fully remote Several

    collocated groups Multi-site structure A collocated group, and a few people working remotely from their own locations
  10. US vs THEM Collocated groups form stronger ties faster More

    trust for the in- group Out of sight often means out of mind
  11. Build trust for the whole team Set a welcome tone

    Make reaching people easier Inclusive collaboration
  12. Invest in remote team Front-load travel Reward collaboration Training to

    improve communication skills
  13. Communication

  14. Video is best Voice is better Chat can be useful

    Email is NOT a communication channel Communication tools
  15. Space for interactions Continuously open communication channels

  16. Visual reminders Requirements pro Script wizard Deployment guru Build expert

    Code ninja QA rock star Softball coach Popular blogger New father Magician Radio host Plays flute
  17. Easy Collaboration tools Share information Pull information Interpret information Calendar

    Work Tracking Burn Chart Screen Share White Board
  18. Be human Celebrate holidays Share personal pictures Order team pizza

    & T-shirts Delivered to each team member
  19. Look for Emotional maturity Soft skills Willingness to learn Technical

    skills can be learnt
  20. Better Remote Teams Jane Prusakova DFW DevOps Days 2017 @jprusakova