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Generating Swift Code with the OpenAPI Spec

David Okun
September 30, 2017

Generating Swift Code with the OpenAPI Spec

My talk at Swift Cloud Workshop 2 about generating Swift SDKs based on a Web API Specification

David Okun

September 30, 2017

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  1. What we'll cover today • Wait, why is he talking

    about Node.js? • Oh, you can do that in Swift too? • WHY U DO DIS • HOW U DO DIS • References
  2. The Open API Spec An easy way to define a

    Web API with one file Yes, even a Swift Web API.
  3. lb

  4. The Slide You Want A Photo Of • https://strongloop.com/strongblog/generate-client-sdk- loopback-bluemix-cli

    • https://console.bluemix.net/docs/cli/index.html • https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-codegen • https://console.bluemix.net/docs/cloudnative/ dev_cli.html#developercli
  5. !