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Understanding Build Variants

Donn Felker
February 26, 2015

Understanding Build Variants

. Learn how to develop, free and pro versions of your applications. How to perform debug only configurations and how to use Build Variants in your day to day Android Development.

Donn Felker

February 26, 2015

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  2. Donn Felker @donnfelker 4 Time Android Book Author Co-Host of

    Fragmented Podcast donnfelker.com | caster.io

  4. Create Flexible Runtime Environments LIKE WHOA

  5. No, for real, what are they? Build variants allow you

    to quickly create different versions of your app from the same source code. Kinda.
  6. Build variants facilitate composability within the Android build system.

  7. Yo, wheres the CODE?!?! here: github.com/casterio

  8. simple example Creating a debug package branch: debug-suffix

  9. Crazy, I know. Ok, it's not really that impressive.

  10. app-debug.apk more like lame-debug.apk lets fix that branch: change-app-name

  11. WickedCool-debug.apk Much better. Moving on ...

  12. Mmm Product Flavors Free and Pro Versions

  13. Why do I need free and pro versions?

  14. Some people like to watch their money

  15. Nah, I'm kidding. Its about exposure and conversions

  16. None
  17. We all love free stuff. If you like it, first

    ones on the house. AKA: Trials (aka: drug dealer model)
  18. Free and Paid Versions branch: product-flavors

  19. I know, right? Ok, maybe just a little

  20. Android Manifest Values Update the manifest at build time with

    the manifest merger branch: manifest-placeholders
  21. None
  22. Release / Debug Composability

  23. Say what? Debug only logging/etc Release only Crashlytics Logging

  24. None
  25. Custom Resources! Different layouts, icons, etc at runtime branch: custom-resources

  26. None
  27. There is a lot more, but that should get you

    going in the right direction.
  28. @donnfelker thanks