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DONUTS Co. Ltd._About us_English Ver.

December 05, 2022

DONUTS Co. Ltd._About us_English Ver.


December 05, 2022

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  1. ver. 202209 ABOUT US

  2.  ABOUT US Co-founders CEO Hironari Nishimura Graduated Waseda University

    with a master’ s degree in science and engineering. Joined DeNA as the new graduate first class. Engaged in service development, operationalization, and alliance. Co-founded DONUTS in February of 2007 and inaugurated as CEO. Shin Negishi Graduated Tokyo Institute of Technology with a master’ s degree in science and engineering. Joined DeNA as the new graduate first class. Engaged in legal affairs, accounting, sales, marketing, system management, and established the business flow within these departments. Co-founded DONUTS in February of 2007 and inaugurated as CEO. Director
  3.  ABOUT US About DONUTS DONUTS supports the back office

    of companies that are part of the infrastructure of society through cloud services and also stretches its focus into video/live streaming services, gaming services, medical services, and publication services. It mainly centers its services around web development. Since its founding in 2007, it has never obtained any financial support from outside and has solely used its company net worth to support itself. Their genre is one that no one has ever seen before but produces synergy through their products and services. Not only does DONUTS aim for greater revenue but also endorses the work system reform, actively communicates through the company’ s media, aids in regional revitalization, connects people through events and games, and leaves a great impact on today’ s society. Holding the product-first spirit in mind, DONUTS aims to scale up its products and services in hand but also focus on the establishment of new services and M&A to continue its journey of new challenges.
  4.  ABOUT US Portfolio of DONUTS’s services Donuts focuses on

    5 main businesses through web development which are cloud services, video/live streaming services, gaming services, medical services, and publication services. While also taking on challenges in new business fields. Donuts is rapidly pursuing various new possibilities without relying on external investors or financial institutions, with the theme” To create new valuable services and content that will last for 10 to 20 years” . Gaming services Cloud services (SaaS type back office system) Medical services (Cloud-based electronic medical record) Video/live streaming services Publication services
  5. ABOUT US Start-up businesses ɾ corporate group businesses  Media

    to introduce beautiful girls from all around Japan Top class eSports team in Japan Website of job opportunities for current and alumni masters/doctorate students Virtual Youtuber research institute VTuber/Virtual Streaming Production A service where a VTuber and a fan can communicate one to one with each other within the VR world Haucolle “With fashion and love, become cuter” A media for girls Streamers Management Service Radio Osaka/ A business composed of a radio program and a media mix Major fashion event in Sapporo since 2007
  6. $MPVETFSWJDF Cloud services Portal for women Real estate media Live

    streaming ABOUT US DONUTS group continues to grow not only within Japan but also globally %0/654,03&" "DBSJD )PXDPMMFDU 3*4&&"35) +0#$"/BDDPVOUJOH %0/654#BOHLPL 0''*$& %0/654(3061 50,:0)&"%0''*$& ,:0500''*$& 04","0''*$& 4"110300''*$& /**("5"0''*$& ,0$)*0''*$& '6,60,"0''*$&  DONUTS group global perspective
  7.  Founding of the company Jobcan attendance management release Tantora

    release Tokyo 7th sister’ s release HC Haucolle release ABOUT US Since its founding in 2007, it has only relied on its company net worth for 16 years. Invested and joined new service /businesses and shows growth in other regions of Japan.   ʢCJMMJPOZFOʣ                   ˞5IJTTBMFTBNPVOUJODMVEFT ɹHSPVQDPNQBOJFT CLIUS release Warship Craft release BLACKSTAR release MIXCHANNEL release MIXCHANNEL rapid growth JOBCAN reaches 100,000 Installations D4DJ Groovy Mix release Starts a publishing media company JOBCAN accounting becomes a complete subsidiary Alignment of capital businesswith Osaka broadcast company
  8.  ABOUT US A team that produces the best PRODUCT

    Number of employees (full-time employee/contract employees)                       


    important thing for IT companies is the product itself. To make an impact on the world, it's not about great business management but a great product. We focus on our users more than within our company. We are a group that continues to create the best product; we are DONUTS.

    can’ t emerge from Japan. A venture-backed company cannot win against a big business enterprise. That is all just an assumption. Most services that changed history were made by small teams. Let's make an impact on the world with our hands. 
  12. PHILOSOPHY Professionalism Determination to win Everyone’s a leader Suggestion rather

    than indication Have fun To leave quality content for ten and twenty years in the future, we aim to become a pro sports team in the business world. We believe that we should never forget our professionalism, hold responsibility in our positions, support one another, and share excitement with our team members. For those moments, to be able to fight globally. We have this guiding principle for every employee at DONUTS. OUR VALUE 
  13. None