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Tools to help you better understand the code

Tools to help you better understand the code

While joining other peoples Ruby on Rails project, you need some tools better understand the code.
Remember those 4 topics:
1. Class Diagram
2. Gems
3. Test before the change
4. Take care of your team style

David Paluy

October 09, 2013

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  1. Tools to help you better
    other/your code
    David Paluy, @dpaluy
    Blog: dpaluy.github.io

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  2. Agenda

    Working with other people's code

    Class Diagram

    Outdated Gems

    Test before Refactoring

    Style your code

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  3. I am a Starter

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  4. It doesn't pay my bills, Yet!

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  5. Working with
    Other People's Code

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  6. The only valid measurement of code quality:

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  7. You need tools, to find the needle!

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  8. Class Diagram

    Rails ERD


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  9. Gems

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  10. bundle outdated

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  11. Tracking Gems


    changelog_diff (by David Miani)


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  12. Test before ...!

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  13. Each Developer has his own style?

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  14. Check your Style




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  15. Summary

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  16. Any fool can write code that a computer can
    understand. Good programmers write code
    that humans can understand.
    Martin Fowler

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