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Startups: The Extreme Sport of Business

Startups: The Extreme Sport of Business

Venture for America Detroit Training Camp talk, July 2018


Dug Song

July 01, 2018


  1. Good Engineering is good enginee startups the extreme sport of

  2. 2010

  3. 2011

  4. 2012

  5. 2013

  6. 2014

  7. 2015

  8. 2016

  9. 2017

  10. 2018

  11. about me

  12. about me

  13. geek

  14. Good Engineering is good enginee skateboarding

 art & design

  16. hacking

  17. Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people

    how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them a!er a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. – Steve Jobs
  18. None
  19. None
  20. None
  21. None
  22. #DuoInSpace

  23. a2techfilm.com

  24. Kid Koala

  25. Royce Da 5’9

  26. Detroit Jit

  27. Redman

  28. None
  29. None
  30. #givefirst

  31. culture & revolution 1984 today

  32. culture & revolution 1984 today

  33. we reject kings, presidents, & voting join up join us

    join in
  34. we believe in rough consensus & running code – David

    Clark, 1992
  35. open source gi! culture win! win!

  36. 1999: birth of the hackathon

  37. 1999: disrupting the music industry via MP3

  38. 1999: disrupting the music industry via MP3

  39. 1999: disrupting the music industry via MP3

  40. hackers save the internet

  41. hackers save the internet

  42. hackers save the internet

  43. None
  44. Ju ne 10, 2010 the nonstop party 8cY\ik>feqXc\qËjZi\nc`m\[Xc`]\jkpc\XjflkiX^\flj Xjk_\`iZi`d\j%( 8cY\ikjkfc\(.'d`cc`feZi\[`k$ZXi[

    eldY\ijn_`c\i\cXo`e^XkgcXZ\jc`b\E\nPfibËj?fk\c feI`m`e^kfe%) GXki`ZbKf\pnXj_`jY\jkfg\iXk`m\# Xe[* Jk\g_\eNXkknXjk_\^iflgËjZf[`e^^\e`lj% K_\`iZpY\iZi`d\je\kk\[d`cc`fej+ #\eXYc`e^8cY\ik kfk_ifnX.,#'''Y`ik_[XpgXikp]fi_`dj\c]Xe[ Jk\g_\eXkXe\oZclj`m\E\nPfibZclY, % ifcc`e^jkfe\%Zfd | Rolling Stone | 65 64| Rolling Stone| ifcc`e^jkfe\%Zfd Ju ne 10, 2010 how three teenage friends, fueled by sex, drugs and illegal code, pulled off the biggest cybercrime of all time // by sabrina rubin erdely THEY’D BEEN HIGH ALL WEEKEND LONG – ON ECSTASY, COKE, MUSHROOMS AND acid – so there seemed little harm in doing one last bump of Special K while they packed up to leave their $5,000-a-night duplex in South Beach. For the past three days, the three friends had bare- ly bothered leaving their hotel, as a dozen club kids in town for Winter Music Conference, the annual festival that draws DJs and ravers from all over the world, flocked to their luxury suite to partake of the drug smorgasbord laid out on the coffee table. But even stoned on industrial- grade horse tranquilizers, Albert Gonzalez remained focused on business – checking his laptop constantly, keeping tabs on the rogue operators he employed in Turkey and Latvia and China, pushing, haranguing, issuing hackers gone wild //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- , ) * ( +
  45. Entrepreneurs, Ex-Cons, Billionaires w00w00 in 2014

  46. security and responsibility devious tactics! creative 
 m isuse!

  47. ethics of responsibility • Do not contribute with your work

    to social harm. • Contribute with your work to the social good. • These obligations stem from your professional role. Philip Rogaway, “The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work”
  48. D&D builds character(s) Breaks rules Plays by rules Helpful Harmful

    Chaotic Lawful Good Evil
  49. None
  50. Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good? Lawful Neutral True Neutral

    Chaotic Neutral Lawful Evil? Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil
  51. Students Install Hot Tub on North Campus February 22, 2012

  52. None
  53. hacking UM

  54. cypherpunks write code “privacy is necessary for an open society

    in the electronic age”
  55. 2014: 600m users go dark

  56. 2014: 600m users go dark

  57. “so!ware is eating the world” – Marc Andreesen WSJ, Aug

  58. startups are science

  59. startups are community

  60. startup coworking & community

  61. all hands active

  62. sharing geek culture

  63. asian (billionaire) dad says Teens: Be A Good Student,

    to Learn 20s: Follow a Good Boss, 
 Not a Company 30s: Work for Yourself,
 Choose Best Field 40s: Be Aware Of and
 Utilize Your Strengths 50s: Young People Lead;
 Invest in Them
  64. thank you!