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Programming Failure

Programming Failure

Talk given at FailFest (Fishers, IN) 2016 on teaching programming and the role failure plays in programming as a career and learning to program especially.

Chris Vannoy

July 28, 2016

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  1. Programming failure Learning to code is learning to fail

  2. Hi! I'm Chris Vannoy. I teach adults how to become

    junior developers for The Iron Yard in Indianapolis
  3. How well do you deal with frustration?

  4. (90% of programming is failure)

  5. Modeling failure Learn to fail by watching me fail ...

    over and over and over ...
  6. Learning to fail on purpose (red, green, refactor)

  7. Error messages tell you where to go (failure is a

    road map)
  8. Failure is fun (easy is boring, and bored people leave)

  9. Thanks!