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Dwarves Foundation: 2021 July Updates

Dwarves Foundation: 2021 July Updates

Founded in 2015, Dwarves Foundation is a research-focused technology firm.
We help companies build & ship top-notch software, provide staffing services and invest in people that build next favorite things.

We're closing July with some notable highlights. Let's go through them ✌️


Dwarves Foundation

July 30, 2021


  1. Dwarves Foundation 2021 July Changelog © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 1

  2. Shipment for WFH station upgrade We've finished the shipment for

    all the WFH gears. Hope it makes your working vibe more enjoyable. It's great to know you're all happy with the new setup. © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 2
  3. Your fleeting notes On July 15, few of our Dwarves

    shared a reward pool for $1000 for submitting their fleeting/literature notes to our brainery. You are awesome. Please keep it up. © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 3
  4. Office hour on Friday We have dedicated office hours from

    4:30 to 6PM in discord AMA stage channel. Feel free to ask the CEO anything. He's there to help. © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 4
  5. Legend of Fantasy War A move toward blockchain industry with

    Legend of Fantasy War - a new NFT game project. Sneak peak at the landing site © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 5
  6. Notions OS for Team Running Notion is our new document

    base. The new structure would be: • Index • Process • Client Portal • Changelog • New memo © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 6
  7. MBTI Research Our team research conducted by Nam on MBTI

    - The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator that helps us understand and find out more on personal competency. Kudos her for the great work on our brainery. © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 7
  8. What's next in Aug © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 8

  9. Performance review Performance review is starting next week. For those

    who wish to recognize your accomplishment, please prepare a 1 - 2 pages summary to reflect your performance/achievement, following this guide: • Github • Notion © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 9
  10. Senior-level Hiring A massive focuses on senior level to upgrade

    the A-team roster. Thanks Vy & Hoang for the referral. Thanks everyone else for sharing the post. It works. © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 10
  11. Brain repo: Embedded & IoT R&D We plan to have

    a study group for IoT and embedded application. The study group will be led by Trung & Hieu on Discord channel. © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 11
  12. The Value Fit • Develop personal growth • Work hard

    for yourself • Ready for new opportunities © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 12
  13. Shaping our image Hey, it's time to update your LinkedIn,

    Github or Facebook profile. It makes us look cool as a team ! © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 13
  14. Q&As © Dwarves Foundation, 2021 14