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MixTrail Simplified Presentation

3bd0be76374e8b1e8f06f7981041bf9a?s=47 Ed Mullen
June 21, 2011

MixTrail Simplified Presentation

This is the second MixTrail concept presentation deck. I streamlined the content dramatically from the initial one. I explain the need MixTrail addressed more from the perspective of a person who might use it. This was used in-person as a conversation aide, so many more ideas were simply discussed and not embedded in the deck.


Ed Mullen

June 21, 2011

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  3. The Web is an amazing place. It’s filled with more

    information, knowledge, experience and wisdom than has ever existed in one place.
  4. But with so much content, it can be really hard

    to find and share what’s important. (and not just what’s new and popular)
  5. Here’s what I mean...

  6. • teaching her students about genetics; developing a lesson plan

    for a science project assignment • share materials with her students to review • sharing: movie, readings, photo gallery, radio show Eva. She is a Teacher Say you’re...
  7. • knows what it’s like coming home from a couple

    tours • inform returning local soldiers of programs & services he wished he knew about earlier • sharing: local VA office, church support group, articles, area motorcycle group, Facebook page Mark. He is a Veteran Say you’re...
  8. • provide background context on what led to the current

    situation • sharing: key figure profiles, news articles, a documentary, Twitter #hashtag search, a book Jonathan. He is a Journalist • reporting from a conflict area with a complex history Say you’re...
  9. MixTrail allows you to connect great content from across the

    Web to tell big stories.
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  12. Trails provide one place where you, your audience, and the

    world can read, watch, view or listen to all of it.
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  22. www.mixtrail.com/edmullen/trail

  23. See, we believe that connecting and contextualizing related information makes

    the Web a better place and helps us become smarter, better informed people. And that’s good.
  24. And there’s more to come: • feedback mechanisms • progress

    updates • public trail api • mobile and iPad versions
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