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Why Contain Yourself? Official Elastic Stack for Docker

Why Contain Yourself? Official Elastic Stack for Docker

With the 5.X release of the Elastic Stack comes official support for the Docker container platform. The Elastic Docker team will discuss running the Elastic Stack in container environments using the official images they maintain and publish. Dimitrios and Toby will cover configuration techniques for the images and share tips on performance optimization, show how Elasticsearch's distributed nature aligns with container orchestration, and discuss the quality automation that ensures the Elastic Stack is always Docker-ready, whether on a laptop or across a fleet.

Dimitrios Liappis l Infrastructure Engineer l Elastic
Toby McLaughlin l Infrastructure Engineer l Elastic


Elastic Co

March 08, 2017


  1. Infrastructure Engineer @dliappis Why Contain Yourself? Official Elastic Stack for

    Docker Dimitrios Liappis Infrastructure Engineer @jarpy (almost everywhere) Toby McLaughlin
  2. Agenda 2 1 Background on the Elastic Docker images 2

    Configuring and running the images 3 Full stack demo! 4 Conclusion
  3. docker pull docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:5.2.1 docker pull docker.elastic.co/logstash/logstash:5.2.1 docker pull docker.elastic.co/kibana/kibana:5.2.1 Dedicated

    Docker Registry 3
  4. 4 No "latest" tag. No surprises. https://flic.kr/p/sncAZ4

  5. 5 This is a sample image Built using functional and

    integration tests
  6. 6 • Shield, Watcher, Marvel, Graph, reporting … soon also

    Machine Learning! • Free Basic License provides monitoring and 18 zoom levels for the tile service This is a sample image Bundled with X-Pack
  7. Agenda 7 1 Background on the Elastic Docker Images 2

    Configuring and running the images 3 Full stack demo! 4 Conclusion
  8. 8 Dev Mode Title Hre (Arial 48 p) Prod Mode

    • One line docker run • Bypass bootstrap checks • Do not run in production! • Default • Bootstrap checks enabled • Persistent volumes Different Ways to run the Elasticsearch image
  9. Four ways to configure settings for Elasticsearch 9 Environment variables

    1 2 3 4 Bind-mounted configuration Customized image Override CMD
  10. --- elasticsearch: environment: - cluster.name=ESCluster - bootstrap.memory_lock=true - "ES_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms3g -Xmx3g"

    Using Environment Variables for Elasticsearch 10
  11. --- elasticsearch: volumes: - "${PWD}/custom_esconfig.yml:\ /usr/share/elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml" Bind-mounted configuration 11 Make

    sure your local conf files can be read by Elasticsearch!
  12. 12 FROM docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:5.2.1 ADD elasticsearch.yml /usr/share/elasticsearch/config/ Build your own image!

    Make sure to chown the ADDed files!
  13. Dynamic Scaling Demo docker-compose scale [my cluster]

  14. --- kibana: environment: - XPACK_SECURITY_ENABLED=true elasticsearch: environment: - xpack.security.enabled=true The

    same, but not the same! Environment variables for Kibana 14
  15. --- services: logstash: volumes: - ./config/:/usr/share/logstash/pipeline/ Ship your code. Logstash

    is a language 15
  16. 16 This is a sample image Host monitoring with Metricbeat

  17. Full-Stack Demo docker-compose up --all-the-things

  18. I need help! 18 • www.elastic.co/guide ! This is a

    sample image Some ideas ... • https://discuss.elastic.co/ • Github issue: ◦ github.com/elasticsearch-docker ◦ github.com/kibana-docker ◦ github.com/logstash-docker ◦ github.com/beats-docker
  19. 19 More Questions? Visit us at the AMA

  20. • Andrew Kroh, Software Engineer, Elastic • Next! • Spotlight

    Theatre Up next... 20 Monitoring Docker with Metricbeat
  21. www.elastic.c o

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