10 Questions and Answers - August 2019 Elementor Meetup

10 Questions and Answers - August 2019 Elementor Meetup

Welcome to 2nd version of Elementor Meetup in Surat, India

We hope that you guys really enjoyed our first meetup. Here is a link of the slides if you haven't checked it before - https://speakerdeck.com/elementorsurat/intro-to-elementor-april-2019-elementor-meetup

Session Points that we will cover today
1. Introduction of Elementor as Page Builder and quick comparison between other page builders
2. Elementor News - Free and Premium
3. 10 Questions and Answers from the Community

1) Is it possible to hide dynamic content if there's no content in the custom field?
2) How can I have two buttons next to each other?
3) I made a mistake, how do I undo it?
4) What is motion effects? How can I use it with Elementor?
5) What is Elementor’s USP? (Unique Selling Proposition)
6) Why should I use a WP theme if I use Elementor?
7) When do you use spacers instead of padding/margins for creating space around elements in Elementor?
8) How do you change common typography with Elementor?
9) Does Elementor support [shortcodes] in buttons, if not what would be the work around?
10) How do you setup different headers and footers with different pages via Elementor?

4. Time for ask questions, talk and help others

This will be the best session for you if you are thinking to become a expert with elementor. This guideline will increase your quick around time to deliver best websites in beautiful way.

This session is presented by Mr. Alkesh Miyani (WordPress Expert or Guru) who have more than 7 years of experience in WordPress and it's an ecosystem, plus almost 10 different page builders. He is working with Elementor from last one year and he really inspired with the solution providing by Elementor.


Elementor Surat

August 10, 2019