Non-Tech Contributions to the Tech Community

Non-Tech Contributions to the Tech Community

"I'm not skilled enough a programmer to contribute" is a common response I get when I ask programmers why don't they contribute to the open source community. In this lightning talk, I share some ways that you can contribute to the community (hint: it's all non-technical and anyone can do it) even if you're half a decent coder like me.

Talk given at Red Dot Ruby Conference 2015


Elisha Tan

June 06, 2015


  1. @elishatan Non-tech contributions to the tech community Elisha Tan Co-organizer,

    Rails Girls Singapore
  2. Online marketplace for in-person classes

  3. @elishatan Everyone can contribute, even if you can’t code

  4. @elishatan Organize events

  5. @elishatan

  6. @elishatan Help out at events

  7. @elishatan talk to

  8. @elishatan Share your knowledge

  9. @elishatan

  10. @elishatan Share someone else’s knowledge

  11. @elishatan @elishatan

  12. @elishatan Little things count

  13. @elishatan Non-tech contributions to the tech community • Organize events

    • Help out at events • Share your knowledge • Share someone else’s knowledge • Do the little things
  14. @elishatan Thank you for your contributions Elisha Tan @elishatan