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Slide to explain what is partake.in

Kengo TODA

June 04, 2013

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  1. WHAT IS PARTAKE.IN? Web Service to manage offline event Attendance

    management with cap for number of seats Message and reminder (Direct message on Twitter) Export iCal to manage events on calendar application Questionnaire to attendee
  2. FIRST MOTIVATION To use Cassandra (NoSQL) in WRONG way :)

    Cassandra is poor at counting, ordering and synchronizing. But this tool needs all of them the best way to find potential problem, alternative solution and new technology to explain that `NoSQL is Domain Specific Database`
  3. CURRENT VERSION Playground to try new technology JDK7 / Scala

    / Postgres 9 / sbt 0.11.3 / Play! Framework 2.0.4 / OAuth / OpenID / jQuery UI / Bootstrap / Vagrant / Opscode Chef / Twitter Card / Open Graph Protocol i18n / Sina Weibo if you can :)