No More Flaky Tests

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November 16, 2017

No More Flaky Tests

Do you play flaky automation tests bingo? Sometimes they pass, sometimes they fail, but you lose all the time. You hate them, they drive you crazy and you would give an arm and a leg to fix them. Flaky tests are the bane of fast-paced development. They drain considerable amount of resources and energy, and all they produce is sorrow.

As time passes, you start to ignore the flaky tests. And with them you ignore the tests that fail for legitimate reasons. Soon regression bugs start to creep in production. You abandon your test automation efforts and revert back to manual regression tests only. This puts even more strain on your team. Development velocity is reduced dramatically.

There are four main causes for high level automation tests flakiness: application architecture, usage of shared resources, async operations and external dependencies. In this talk I’ll present practical, time-tested examples on how to deal with non-determinism in your API or UI tests.

According to recent paper by University of Illinois, the majority of flaky tests, 78%, are flaky the first time they are written. Learn how to identify them on the spot. You’ll also learn how to use continuous improvement techniques to fix any flakiness caused by changes in the application you’re testing.

Stop playing whack-a-mole and start using systematic approach to find and fix the root causes of your tests failures.



November 16, 2017