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2021: The Framework I Love

2021: The Framework I Love

As the demand grows for Web Applications or Progressive Web Apps (PWA) many new JavaScript frameworks have emerged. Ember.js is one of the most mature frameworks, and has a very solid base. In fact, many frameworks adopted different concepts from Ember, such as ember-cli. Furthermore its worth mentioning built in router and ember-data which makes Ember a solid choice.

Delivered at EmberConf 2021 by Aamir Mahmood.



March 29, 2021


  1. The Framework I Love Aamir Mahmood aalasolutions.com

  2. Big Thanks To

  3. ember new ember-pwa Step 1: Create an App Step 2:

    Create a Model ember g model job
  4. None
  5. ember g adapter application Step 3: Create an Adapter

  6. Step 5: Add Layout and Some Magic semantic-ui.com

  7. Step 6: Profit

  8. Progressive Web App (PWA) Capable - Reliable - Installable

  9. ember install ember-web-app Step 1: Make Web App helps you

    configure and manage the Web App Manifest to create a Progressive Web App
  10. Ember Service Worker Takes Your App Offline

  11. ember install ember-service-worker Step 1: Add Service Worker Step 2:

    Make it Offline First ember install ember-service-worker-index ember install ember-service-worker-asset-cache ember install ember-service-worker-cache-fallback
  12. Edit your ember-cli-build.js file Step 3: Little Configuration

  13. Step 4: Tweek manifest.js

  14. Corber.io If you know cordova you are at home

  15. yarn global add corber Step 1: Install Corber Step 2:

    Init and Start corber init corber start npm install -g corber
  16. rootURL: '', locationType: 'hash', Step 3: environment.js Step 4: targets.js

  17. Electron Cross platform desktop apps from JS, HTML & CSS

  18. ember install ember-electron@3.0.0-beta.6 Step 1: Install Electron Step 2: Run

    ember electron
  19. code once deploy everywhere

  20. Thank you! https://ember-service-worker.com/ https://corber.io/ https://ember-electron.js.org/ https://zonkyio.github.io/ember-web-app/ https://emberobserver.com/