FaaS is the Least Important Thing About Serverless

FaaS is the Least Important Thing About Serverless

The serverless trend emerged from the introduction of FaaS from providers like AWS Lambda. Moving compute from instances and containers to on-demand FaaS has massive appeal. But functions are one small part of the serverless story! I present a way of building serverless applications to minimise code and maximise use of managed services. This approach shifts the emphasis from coding to the development of powerful, scalable architectures. I show ways of replacing many of your Lambdas with alternative managed services and explain why code should first and foremost be a tool for building on-demand infrastructure.

I will cover five common uses for serverless functions today; orchestration, delegation, data reshaping, database storage or querying and service integration.

In each case, I will demonstrate how system complexity, cost and maintenance effort can be reduced by adopting client-side orchestration, an event bus, managed data stores and cloud-native data transformation solutions such as AWS Glue, S3 Select, Kinesis, Sagemaker and API Gateway.

Eoin is Co-Founder and CTO of fourTheorem, a modern application development consultancy based in Ireland and New York.


Eoin Shanaghy

April 02, 2019