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A new way to plan university courses and to register for them. Currently in development.

Eric Tendian

June 19, 2014

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  1. Plannr Eric Tendian | Prasanna Balasubramani | Srivatsan Balakrishnan

  2. The higher ed market is BIG. 21.6 million college students

    5,454 institutions ~$475 billion spent annually
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  4. Meet Adam.

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  11. 83% of students unsatisfied with registration


  13. We need a solution.

  14. That solution is Plannr.

  15. Adam can use Plannr.

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  22. Now Adam can focus.

  23. We serve... Students Advisors & professors University administration

  24. Enterprise SaaS Selling to institutions across the U.S. Hosted platform

    on a $/user/mo. basis Self-hosting licensing available
  25. Next steps: Build web app Build mobile app Partnerships w/

    university admin. Pilot at Illinois Tech
  26. Students already have enough to worry about. Let's make picking

    classes enjoyable again!
  27. THANKS eric@tendian.io