Destination Management with Magento – Meet Magento Switzerland 2014

Destination Management with Magento – Meet Magento Switzerland 2014

The Jungfrau region is one of Switzerland’s leading tourism destinations. Thanks to Magento being an integral part of their online presence, the region provides wide and attractive booking offers for visitors.

From travel to hospitality, equipment rental to entertainment, visitors can conveniently plan and book their complete vacation online. Travelers benefit from a sophisticated but simple one-stop online booking experience. Automated back-office processes ease the coordination and order management, using minimum time and resources.

Jungfraubahnen Marketing AG pioneered the Swiss online tourism business. Liip partnered with Jungfraubahnen in developing and implementing this vision. Efthimios Toulas from Liip will explain how integrating a dozen services into and combining the different offerings into a unique booking experience, successfully increased the appeal of the Jungfrau region.




Efthimios Toulas

October 24, 2014