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Open Source Networking Overview

Open Source Networking Overview

Open Source Networking Overview
ITB Open Networking Day - March 2018

Eueung Mulyana

March 09, 2018

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  1. 1 / 36 Open Networking Initiatives & Overview Eueung Mulyana

    https://telematika.org/remark/itb-ond ITB Open Networking Day | CC BY-SA
  2. 16 / 36 Why Open Source Greater Transparency, In uence

    More Security, Lower Risks More Innovation & Services (for more Data & Devices)
  3. 17 / 36 Why Open Source Leading international carriers agree

    that Open Source is a fundamental way forward for networking: Open Network = New Telecom For carriers and service providers: Open Source = Foundation of 5G and Beyond For enterprises and cloud providers: next- generation private/public/hybrid cloud networking & orchestration
  4. 23 / 36 Open Source Project Types Components- Projects that

    address a narrowly de ned problem whose output may be consumed as an atomic entity. Platforms- Projects whose scope encompasses multiple components to yield a framework that can be adapted to meet a range of di erent user needs. Open Reference Platforms- Projects that focus on the integration of platforms and components, and are primarily used to test, demonstrate, and validate broader solutions.
  5. 24 / 36 Open Source Project Types Components- Projects Examples:

    OpenvSwitch (OVS, virtual switch) Platforms- Projects Examples: OpenDaylight (SDN Controller Framework); ONAP - Open Network Automation Platform (open orchestration framework); OpenStack (esp. NFV Virtualized Infrastructure Manager). Open Reference Platforms- Projects Examples: OPNFV NFV reference platform MEF OpenLSO reference platform.
  6. 26 / 36 OpenDaylight Supports >1 Billion subscribers Started 2013

    - foundational open networking project Broadest range of SDN use cases vCO/Enterprise ROBO Metro Ethernet Cable Edge IoT Largest commercial ecosystem Note: ODL Introduction Slides
  7. 27 / 36 ONAP provides a comprehensive platform for real-

    time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions that will enable software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly automate new services and support complete lifecycle management. ONAP Open Network Automation Platform is an open source software platform that delivers capabilities for the design, creation, orchestration, monitoring, and life cycle management of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) The carrier-scale Software De ned Networks (SDNs) that contain them Higher-level services that combine the above ONAP (a project combining ECOMP and Open-O) provides for automatic, policy-driven interaction of these functions and services in a dynamic, real-time cloud environment. ONAP is not just a run-time platform; it includes graphical design tools for function/service creation.
  8. 28 / 36 Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) facilitates the

    development and evolution of NFV components across various open source ecosystems. OPNFV Initially OPNFV's main goal was to develop an integrated and tested open source platform on which to build NFV functionality. Through system level integration, deployment and testing, OPNFV creates a reference NFV platform to accelerate the transformation of enterprise and service provider networks. OPNFV builds the end-to-end stack: to support NFV with veri ed capabilities and characteristics, establishes agile reference methodologies (requirements, documentation and propagation; continuous integration, testing, and continuous delivery), and o ers a process and supporting tools for testing and validating NFVI and MANO products and solutions.
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  10. 35 / 36 Open Source Networking is no longer about

    components... it now is about multiple communities coming together to build a new world. join us @Telegram Open Networking Indonesia https://bit.ly/on-id