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Is Flutter the Coke Zero of the mobile world?

Is Flutter the Coke Zero of the mobile world?

It’s common for mobile teams to feel the strain of being under-resourced because of the need to maintain the same functionality of two codebases for your application. Without engineering time being spent coordinating feature development in both iOS and Android platforms, it’s easy to let the feature development get out of sync. What if there was a way to get a consistent cross-platform mobile experience without the extra engineering work? Flutter might just be the full flavor and zero sugar solution.

We’ll walk through some feature development patterns that existing companies are using which lend themselves nicely to a Flutter build. We’ll explore all the cost-saving benefits that Flutter provides while looking at real-world examples of Flutter features that require half the effort of their native counterparts.


Florian Harr

October 28, 2021


  1. Is Flutter the Coke Zero of the mobile world? Full

    flavour with zero calories Jesse Harrelson & Florian Harr - DroidCon London 2021 Thanks for having us from the US
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  4. What if we told you that there was a coke

    zero option for mobile? Coke Coke - No Sugar Coke - No Sugar - No Cola But I’m the one powering you guys!!
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  7. Betterment Case Study

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  17. Do we want the treasure?

  18. ✅ ⬇

  19. ✅ ➡ ➡ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

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  21. Build a proof of concept and build support for rebuilding

    in Flutter” “
  22. How to build support • Build a Proof Of Concept

    (POC) • Engage with key stakeholders • Provide engineers with resources
  23. Native Startup PreAuth Signup Home Auth Profile Login/2FA Goal Checking

    Settings Perf BmtAccts AddGoal FundingAccts AcceptInvite OmniTransfer Plaid Quovo Rewards AddChecking Settings MRDC Dosh Edit Savings Card/PIN SendInvite Sure RAF Txns Portfolio Ext. Accts Activity Security Email Phone Address
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  25. Signup Flow! Login

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  32. Midterm Exams: Whiteboarding Time

  33. Signup Flow!

  34. SignupCoordinator Nav Bloc State EmailScreen PasswordScreen LegalNameScreen ________Screen

  35. Signup Coordinator Bloc

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  38. Migration: From Isolated Features to the Main Screen! • Recommended:

    Migrating “End-Leaf” Features first • Integrating Flutter per-screen or per-widget • Keep Foundation with existing code using ◦ Add to App: First-class Flutter integration into existing native Projects ◦ Flutter MethodChannels for Native <-> Flutter communication ◦ Add FlutterActivity or FlutterFragment when calling your Feature/Widget ◦ Debugging and Hot Reload available on integrated experiences
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  46. Sounds nice and easy, right?

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  50. - Still allows to migrate “End-Leaf” Features Max: 2x Time

    Savings 2X Time Savings Migration: From Isolated Features to the Main Screen!
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  53. • Unlocks Full Time Savings potential Migration: From Isolated Features

    to the Main Screen! ∞X Time Savings Min: ~2x Time Savings 2X Time Savings
  54. The Bettermigration -

  55. How to build support • Build a Proof Of Concept

    (POC) ◦ Pick an isolated feature to migrate • Engage with key stakeholders • Provide engineers with resources
  56. Share the Flutter love 💙 Use Flutter as a tool

    to change your company’s perspective on mobile engineering - Faster feature development - Saved time allows you to iterate on inefficient processes - Unified mobile culture and team - Begin developing “mobile-first”
  57. • Build a Proof Of Concept (POC) • Engage with

    key stakeholders • Provide engineers with resources ◦ Work with a contracting company ◦ Provide Flutter training ◦ Let engineers know you have their back How to build support
  58. Graduation Time: What We Learned

  59. Improved Developer Experience! • Consistent Unit/UI Test Results with the

    Flutter Engine! • Android Studio + VSCode Support • Continuous Delivery All-in-one solutions available for ◦ Codemagic ◦ Bitrise ◦ Appcircle • Fastlane support! • … or integrate and use existing pipelines!
  60. It’s all about perspective!

  61. It’s all about perspective!

  62. It’s all about perspective!

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  68. Reaching Higher Altitudes • Maturing as an industry-branch: Mobile instead

    of Android vs iOS! • Flutter is a tool in your tool chest among many others • Native Look & Feel and Personas can be served to their needs … or unified where needed (Material Design isn’t just for Android) • Save time on the repetitive stuff and focus on what ends up on the Screen vs. what’s underneath
  69. Mobile Engineers Leadership, Product, Engineering A 🔥 mobile application Better

    Unified Team Experience
  70. Thank You! Enjoy the rest of the conference!