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Exoscale: a swiss cloud provider built with Apache Cloudstack

November 21, 2013

Exoscale: a swiss cloud provider built with Apache Cloudstack

This is the talk I gave at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe 2013 held in Amsterdam.

It focuses on why we have chosen CloudStack as the core component of our Open Cloud product line and our vision on how users can leverage standard API interfaces to better deploy and reduce the time between Application need and Application running.



November 21, 2013

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  1. Cloud  gives  you  space     2013  nov  21st  

  2. !  Antoine  Coetsier     – “Na;ve”  from  Service  Providers  

    – 10+  years  of  24/7  ops   – Managing  Director  of  exoscale  Since  2011  
  3. exo ? scale CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  4. 2010   Regional  cloud  plaKorm   Set  of  products:  IaaS

     to  SaaS   CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  5. exo scale CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  6. exo == cloud CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  7. Reversibility Trust relationship Data location Tailor made/Integration CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  8. Vel;group   CCCEU  Amsterdam   All  over     Switzerland

      100%     ICT  needs  covered   450+     ICT  professionals     Cloud  Services   ICT  specialized  companies   Consul;ng  
  9. exoscale “Swissness” Datacenters Operations Company CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  10.   2  zones   In  the     Geneva  

    Area      ISO  9001      ISO27001   Expension  to  come...   CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  11.       Who  uses  cloud  compu;ng  ?   CCCEU

  12. A.Developers  /  Sysadmins         B.  Enterprises  

    CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  13. A.  Developers/Sysadmins     Websites     Ecommerce  and  webapps

        Mobile     Tes;ng   1 out of 3 projects CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  14. B.  Enterprises     Business  apps   SMB  DCs  

    Quickwins     DRP     Hybrid/DC  offloading   50 % of requests CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  15. exoscale  service  offering   Perfect  for  Sysadmins     and

     Developers   Perfect  for  Businesses     and  hybrid  cloud  integra;on   -­‐  Compute   -­‐  Compute  premium   -­‐  Backup  premium   -­‐  Cloud  Exchange   No  compromise  enterprise  cloud   Vendor  backed  solu;ons   Use  of  leading  technologies   Virtual  datacenter   Pure  cloud  services   Worldwide  market  pricing   + + CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  16. Managed  Cloud   -­‐  Compute  premium  

  17. Compute  premium:  your  custom  cloud  architecture   WAN   VPN

     access   Developers/ Users....   Your site
  18. Compute  premium:  key  benefits   !  Fine  level  resource  management

      – No  package  locking  :  vCPU  /  RAM  /  Disk   – Import  exis;ng  instances   !  Performance   – No  physical  ressource  over  alloca;on   – High  end  components   – Datacenter  Internet  access   !  Security  :   – Trusted  swiss  based  loca;ons  and  provider   – Full  network  isola;on  with  VLANs     !  Custom  subnet  range   – Hybrid  means  the  connec;on  with  developers   and  users  is  direct  
  19. Compute  premium:  key  features   Topic   Managed  cloud  

      compute  premium   Cloud  Control  System   VMware  vCloud  Director   Hypervisor   ESX   Storage   High  speed  disks   on  HDS  storage   Admin  interface   Direct  vCloud  web  interface  or  Connector   integra;on  in  your  vCenter   Network   Rich  features  through  vShield   Billing  and  pricing   Fine  level  resources   Monthly  invoices   Op;onal  ;me  and  volume  commitment  
  20. Open  Cloud     -­‐  Compute  

  21. Open  Cloud  compute:  instances  for  Devs  and  Sysadmins   !

     Direct,  simple  to  use  cloud  instances  for  Devs  and  Sysadmins   !  Open   – Open  source  based   – Standard  API       – Mul;  OS:     !  Ease  of  use   – Direct  console   – Integrated  support     !  Performance   – KVM   – Persistent  storage   – 10  GB  networking         !  Security  features   – Security  groups   – SSH  keypair  management  
  22. Basic  Networking  !=  No  security   Your tenant Internet CCCEU

  23. Security  Groups   Your tenant Internet public IP public IP

    Security group A public IP public IP Security group B Controlled Inbound and Outbound traffic CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  24. Open  Cloud  compute:  a  unique  portal   !  One  comprehensive

     portal  for  instance  management,  support,  documenta;on  and  billing  informa;on     CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  25. CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  26. Open  Cloud  compute:  pricing   Online  calculator  :  hjp://www.exoscale/pricing.html  

  27. exo scale CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  28. Focus on scale CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  29. Even down scale CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  30.     Cloud  compu;ng  should     not  only  prevent

     you     from  managing  hardware   CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  31.     It  should  totally  replace     the  way

     you  deploy     and  manage  infrastructure   CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  32.     Leverage  the  cloud(s)  API  available   CCCEU  Amsterdam

  33.   Command  line     Ex:  Cloudmonkey     Python

     cli  for  CloudStack           h3ps://cwiki.apache.org/CLOUDSTACK/cloudstack-­‐cloudmonkey-­‐cli.html     CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  34. CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  35.       Ul;mately  AUTOMATE   CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  36.   For  each  language,  its  tool:   !  Java  

    !  Ruby   !  Python   !  ...   CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  37. !  Java  -­‐>  jclouds  -­‐>  PalletOps     !  Ruby

     -­‐>fog,...-­‐>  Chef  /  Puppet   !  Python  -­‐>  Libcloud,...  -­‐>  Saltstack   – And  more  applica;on  integrated  tools  like  uForge,  Slipstream,...     CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  38. Standards  and  common  methods  are  available:     !  SSH

     Keypairs   ! Userdata   !  Cloud-­‐init   CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  39. CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  40. CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  41. Hello  World  !   CCCEU  Amsterdam   !  DO  stuff

     automa;cally  on  instance   boot  up   !  Install  a  fresh  Wordpress  on:   – NGINX   – PHP   – Mysql   !  While  managing  passwords,  updates,...   – h3ps://github.com/exoscale/exoscale-­‐wordpress  
  42. And  now?  

  43.     The  compute  problem  is  sorted   instances  are

     meaningless     Do  not  upgrade  è  scale   CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  44.     Stop  reproducing  (virtual)  datacenters     Cloud  brings

     simplicity   CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  45.     CCCEU  Amsterdam  

  46. My  recommenda;ons   !  Be  ready  !   1. Test  even

     if  you  do  not  have  a  business  case     2. Make  a  proof  of  concept   3. Sign  up   4. Run  a  demo:   hjps://github.com/exoscale/pallet-­‐exoscale-­‐demo     PROACTIVE     REACTIVE     CCCEU  Amsterdam  
  47. exoscale  Open  Pricing  

  48. Thank  you  for  your  ajen;on   !    Contact  us

      +41  58  668  56  00   [email protected]           !    Follow  us   @exoscale     exoscale  code       Head  Office  Lausanne   Avenue  de  Provence  4   CH  -­‐  1007  Lausanne   OperaOons:  Geneva   Rue  du  Pré  de  la  Fontaine  19   CH  -­‐  1217  Meyrin   Bern  Office   Talstrasse  3     CH  -­‐  3053  Münchenbuchsee   Zurich  Office   Glaj  Tower     CH  -­‐  8301  Glajzentrum   CCCEU  Amsterdam