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Zend Developer Cloud: PHP development in the cloud

Zend Developer Cloud: PHP development in the cloud

Zend Developer Cloud is a free web platform provided by Zend to develop PHP applications in the cloud. Without any installation you can start to develop a PHP application using a professional infrastructure with Zend Server, the PHP application server that allows you to speed the execution of PHP, monitor your code, scale your application, use the job queue, and so on. This talk has been presented during the Cloud Conference 2013 in Turin (Italy), http://www.cloudconf.it/

Enrico Zimuel

April 18, 2013

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  1. Zend Developer Cloud PHP development in the cloud Enrico Zimuel

    (@ezimuel) Software Engineer – Zend Technologies Cloud Conference 2013 18th April – Turin (Italy)
  2. About me • Enrico Zimuel (@ezimuel) • Software Engineer since

    1996 • PHP Engineer at Zend Technologies • Zend Framework Core Team • Research Programmer at the University of Amsterdam • Co-author “PHP Best Practices”, FAG Milano publisher, 2012 • Co-founder PUG Torino (Italy) http://torino.grusp.org
  3. Zend Technologies • Zend Technologies Ltd., the PHP Company •

    Software company for PHP developers • Co-founded in 1999 by PHP core contributors Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski • Headquarter in Cupertino (USA), officies in Israel, French, Germany, Ireland, England, India, Italy
  4. Zend Developer Cloud • Cloud platform for PHP developers •

    Free for developers (phpcloud.com) • Develop, Deploy, Manage PHP apps – Instant setup – Powerful debugging – Collaborate – Easy deploy (on any cloud) – Blazing PHP Performance
  5. Zend Server under the hood • Zend Server is a

    Web Application Server for deploying, running and managing PHP applications – Best performance of PHP engine – Simplify the deploy – Debug applications in a sec – Monitoring features – Cluster feature – Job Queue