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666890aad803b52b5428907196880758?s=47 Farrah
August 27, 2019


Contrary to the current narrative, serverless is not at its core a technology—it's an approach to development that delivers true business value. Serverless is a mindset. It's the direction modern software teams choose to go in rather than a destination they stop at. In this talk, Stackery’s Ecosystems Director, Farrah Campbell, will define what the “serverless state of mind” means to her, her road to get there, and how she uses this mindset as a compass to guide decision-making for both personal and professional goals. From unlocking a better development workflow to furthering career growth and satisfaction, we can all benefit from adopting a serverless state of mind.



August 27, 2019

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  1. Farrah Campbell Ecosystems Director, Stackery.io A Serverless State of Mind

    @FarrahC32 farrah@stackery.io
  2. In the 80’s My introduction to computers was not like

    many of the stories I hear.
  3. Computers are cool

  4. None
  5. Technical terms are hard What did I just do??

  6. None
  7. Lost Unhappy Negative

  8. There is something better out there. ( There has to

    be… )
  9. None
  10. HELP! I can’t get an interview

  11. None
  12. Who the hell is Cassandra & JSON? WHO’S CASSANDRA &

  13. None
  14. Contributing to the code feeling like a rockstar. ( Updating

    documentation FTW! )
  15. Being a Nerd is cool

  16. None
  17. What is serverless?

  18. Collaborate, Trust, Focus, Support. The Stackery Team

  19. I can be a part of this Hackathon? Acceptance! I

    was welcomed to this team and felt a part of. This had not happened before. In fact, I had been turned away at previous hackathons for not having experience. The Team Different individuals owned different parts of what we were building, it was a genuine team effort. Our Project We won the top prize for our Serverless Voice App.
  20. Something is different about this community.

  21. Serverless is for everyone? What will this mean for me?

    If i do not need to understand Networking, Virtualization, Load Balancing, Runtimes, Application Integration, Data Management, Data Centers, Permissioning, Storage, Middleware, Hypervisors...
  22. Can I serverless?

  23. Serverless is ... Serverless is ...

  24. Serverless is a state of mind Serverless is about how

    you make decisions — not about your choices.
  25. Am I serverlessing? • Review my goals weekly ensuring new

    info or opps have not shifted where to focus. • Reflection on the week before - noting two places where I accel and two learning areas. • Looking for scenarios to automate, eliminate or batch tasks, streamline my workflows with zapier, or create templates for recurring tasks.
  26. Continued learning More Serverless please… Learing With the Ladies

  27. Accountability Enlightened and locking in an accountability partner.

  28. Did I just get this to work?

  29. None
  30. Success!

  31. I can Serverless!

  32. This Non Technologist just wrote a unicorn ride app and

    built out their own webhook.
  33. What are you going to build?

  34. Thank you. @FarrahC32 farrah@stackery.io https://github.com/stackery/wild-rydes-workshop