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Serverless Mythbusters

666890aad803b52b5428907196880758?s=47 Farrah
December 08, 2020

Serverless Mythbusters

Serverless is a new paradigm for many organizations. But even organizations that are well into their serverless journey can have preconceived notions of varying veracity. In this talk, Farrah and Danielle will share their first-hand experiences and separate the preconceptions from the misconceptions. We’ll cover some topics such:

*Cold starts
*Vendor lock-in
*Does serverless replace containers?
*Is serverless good for legacy apps?
*...and more

Our goal is to share our learnings and discuss further with a wide variety of serverless users, everyone from those just getting started with serverless, to those steeped in the serverless application development community. This talk will be focused on specific techniques and is meant to apply to a broad range of serverless and modernization efforts.



December 08, 2020

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  1. Serverless MythBusters Farrah Campbell & Danielle Heberling

  2. Introduction Farrah Campbell Alliances & Ecosystem Director @FarrahC32 Danielle Heberling

    Software Engineer @deeheeber
  3. Disclaimer The content in this presentation contains many anecdotes about

    our experiences with serverless that ultimately shaped our opinions — your experience and/or opinions might be different
  4. Why Serverless? • Scales for you when needed • Lower

    liabilities: AWS operates the underlying infrastructure for you. • You can ship faster with fewer people.
  5. None
  6. Cold Starts

  7. Cold Starts - Anatomy of a Cold Start Load up

    code and modules Setup the function execution environment API call to invoke the function Run code
  8. Cold Starts - Why is this a problem? • An

    API endpoint that needs to be “always on” to receive requests • Slow website
  9. Fact or fiction??? Danielle’s take: Both

  10. Cold Start - Mitigation • Improved VPC Lambda networking •

    Provisioned concurrency • Have smaller package sizes • Provision more memory
  11. Lock In A. Purchase a product or service B. You’re

    stuck using them because everything you do is centered around vendor specific things
  12. Lock - In Worries A. Vendor specific knowledge on the

    team B. What if cloud xyz all of a sudden decides to charge me more for using their managed services C. More difficult to switch to another cloud
  13. Definition of Lock - In

  14. Fact or fiction??? Farrah’s take: Fiction

  15. Coupling & Tradeoffs “It’s coupling, not lock-in” - Yan Cui,

    May 2019
  16. Some form of lock in is everywhere in software engineering.

  17. Containers and Serverless Does Serverless replace containers?

  18. Containers/Serverless — Comparison Container Services • Always on • Multi-platform

    • Developer responsible for patching/updates • Can run long processes Serverless Function • Ephemeral • Cloud provider specific • Cloud provider does patching/updates • Limited execution time
  19. Fact or fiction??? Danielle’s take: Fiction

  20. Why Not Both???

  21. Use the right tool for the right job.

  22. Containers/Serverless - Working Together • Cloud Run • Fargate •

    Container image support for Lambda • AWS SAM local invoke uses containers under the hood
  23. Serverless is only for Greenfield Applications

  24. Startups are finding success

  25. It’s also for Legacy Applications

  26. Legacy Migration Success MasterStream • Modernizing applications into serverless architectures

    will reduce cost and unlock a range of cloud benefits. • Drive a 90% reduction in the costs associated with managing traditional infrastructure required for monolithic applications. • Increase engineering velocity by 60x in order to out-pace competitors.
  27. Legacy Migration Success The business went from large queues of

    batch processes to real-time and from running on an AS/400 and Z-Series Mainframe to running a modern application using AWS Lambda and ECS.
  28. Fact or fiction??? Farrah’s take: Fiction

  29. More Stories of Legacy success Register of Scotland - 400

    years of land deeds - reinvent talk 2020 Mphasis rearchitects a legacy application to a serverless cloud-native architecture on AWS Cedrus: Migrating a Legacy Application to a Serverless Ecosystem
  30. What We Covered • Cold Starts • Vendor Lock In

    • Containers and Serverless • Serverless Application Success Stories
  31. Thanks! @stackeryio @FarrahC32 @deeheeber