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MapCamp 2020: You can't organize your way to a future, principles matter.

666890aad803b52b5428907196880758?s=47 Farrah
October 13, 2020

MapCamp 2020: You can't organize your way to a future, principles matter.

If you have a compass with you, and you know where you’re going along with the rough direction in which that is; you’ll be able to withstand far more types of weather than if you just had a map. Technologies change, Markets change, Maps change but compass bearings are constant.



October 13, 2020

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  1. MapCamp 2020 Principles Matter, you can't organize your way to

    a future. @FarrahC32
  2. Introduction Hi, My name is Farrah and I am EXTREMELY

    new to this. @FarrahC32
  3. It all began • Simon caught my attention in talking

    about Serverless. • Met Simon at Serverlessconf in 2018 • Questions led to more questions led to wanting to learn more @FarrahC32
  4. Fun Fact @FarrahC32 "THEN DO IT" Cat Swetel DevopsDays meets

    Serverless Days meets MapCamp. Atlanta 2019
  5. Another Fun Fact I am both a Cat Swetel and

    Ben Mosier Fan @FarrahC32
  6. Questions after Chapter 1 Topographical Intelligence - Made to Exploit

    the Landscape @FarrahC32
  7. More Questions The Strategy Cycle & The Game @FarrahC32

  8. User Needs People buy From People @FarrahC32

  9. Strategy Cycle & Climatic Patterns @FarrahC32 Competition Forces Change

  10. Movement within a system A business is not static -

    it's living and made up of People, Activities, and Capital. @FarrahC32
  11. Design For Constant Evolution Iterative Cycles @FarrahC32

  12. Is this the game I want to play? @FarrahC32

  13. So many questions • Rapid cycle of change wearing out

    Pioneers? • Settlers tired of Town Planners capitalizing off their work? • Do Town Planners always leverage others work? Any chance they want to partner and accelerate growth together? @FarrahC32
  14. Innovate, Leverage, Accelerate @FarrahC32 Again & Again & Again

  15. Topographical Intelligence Making sure I am doing the right thing

  16. Compass better than a map Maps change, compass bearings are

    constant. @FarrahC32
  17. Principles are like a compass. A compass has a true

    north that is objective and external, that reflects natural laws or principles, as opposed to values which are subjective and internal. @FarrahC32
  18. Values Values are beliefs, attitudes and opinions that people hold

    regarding specific issues. They are standards of behaviour about what is important in life. Values are internal and subjective, and may change over time. Principles Principles are fundamental truths that are permanent, unchanging, and universal in nature. Include: integrity, dignity, honesty, quality, service, fairness, kindness and patience. No matter how the map is changing - natural laws, principles, operate regardless. @FarrahC32
  19. How we react to these principles impacts every aspect of

    our lives. For example, the principle of trust impacts us on four levels: Personal – Trustworthiness Interpersonal – Trust Managerial – Empowerment Organizational – Alignment @FarrahC32
  20. If you have a compass with you, and you know

    where you’re going — and the rough direction in which that is —  you’ll be able to withstand far more types of weather than if you just had a map. @FarrahC32
  21. None
  22. a good name is better than great riches @FarrahC32

  23. THANK YOU! @FarrahC32 @FarrahC32