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Leveling up with Serverless

666890aad803b52b5428907196880758?s=47 Farrah
October 09, 2019

Leveling up with Serverless

Serverless has opened a whole new playing field and this very moment in time, is an opportunity to enter a new ecosystem, fast track your career, and make an impact on the business value working on projects that you never imagined were possible. In this session, Farrah and Danielle will share their motivations for learning Serverless, their personal experiences working in the Serverless ecosystem, the surprising ways that these new skills have benefited their careers, and why they believe that serverless can be for anyone and everyone who’s willing to learn.



October 09, 2019

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  2. Next Level Serverless W E L C O M E

  3. Danielle Heberling Software Engineer @deeheber Farrah Campbell Ecosystems Director @FarrahC32

  4. My Intro to Tech was not like many I hear...

  5. My Intro to Tech was not like many I hear...

  6. Pacific Source Farrah Intro

  7. Pacific Source Farrah Intro

  8. Pacific Source Farrah Intro

  9. Farrah Intro

  10. Farrah Intro

  11. Farrah Intro

  12. Farrah Intro

  13. Farrah Intro

  14. Danielle Intro

  15. Danielle Intro

  16. Danielle Intro

  17. Danielle Intro

  18. Danielle Intro

  19. Danielle Intro

  20. What and Why We are both driven to learn, get

    better, & build skills. Marketing and Engineering work hand in hand. Farrah wants to be a nerd. Danielle desires to connect and learn from others outside of her immediate technical community.
  21. What and Why

  22. What and Why We knew we wanted to create something

    that was useful to our company (we focus on business value). We knew we wanted to build something that was helpful to a broader audience than just our current customers (We are a startup and always looking for new users). We knew we wanted an inclusive theme.
  23. What and Why

  24. What and Why

  25. What and Why

  26. Planning • Time • Team • Easy to integrate with

    other systems • Select which tools to use What and Why
  27. Build the simplest thing possible.

  28. What and Why - Tools We Chose

  29. What and Why - Architectural Overview

  30. Project Creation - Dev Env Setup First step and First

    Error of many more to come. Working through failures is part of the development process.
  31. Project Creation - Invite

  32. Project Creation - Add a Stack

  33. Project Creation - Create Environment

  34. Project Creation - Renaming Buckets

  35. Project Creation - Our YAML Translator

  36. Project Creation - Commit to Source Control

  37. Project Creation - Deploying the Stack

  38. Project Creation - Found a Bug

  39. Project Creation - Roadblocks

  40. Project Creation - Writing Code for the Function

  41. Project Creation - Translated Text working

  42. Project Creation - SUCCESS!!! I AM UNABLE TO QUIT AS

  43. Demo

  44. What We Learned What we learned • AWS translate has

    a limit of 5000 bytes • We can fix bugs alongside building • Spacing is different in different languages • Will need additional functionality to process hyperlinks and images that appear in markdown formatted files • Working together is fun
  45. Next Steps Next steps • Looping to allow for longer

    translations • Add polly (text to speech) • Ability to process more than plain text files
  46. Why are we excited? Danielle

  47. Why are we excited? Farrah

  48. Finished Product serverlessing.tech github.com/stackery/language-translator

  49. How are you going to use the Serverless Mindset? Closing

  50. @FarrahC32 @deeheber