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Remote Work

Fatih Arslan
February 27, 2016

Remote Work

I'm working remotely for many years. There are many points we need to be aware of. In this slide I'll try to cover the most important steps and topics.

Fatih Arslan

February 27, 2016

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  1. FAT I H A R S L A N D

    i g i t a l O c e a n - S o f t w a re E n g i n e e r fatih fatih [email protected]
  2. • Employee: time, place, work, life and productivity • Employer:

    choices, cost, productivity and diversity Advantages
  3. • Home • Coffee shop, library, etc.. • Co-working space

    / renting an Office • Beach, mountain, co … Place
  4. • Know how to start, but also how to finish.

    • Early bird or night owl? • Are you a doer or thinker? • Turn off notifications • Be respectful to yourself Discipline
  5. • Over communicate • Meetings are important (turn on video)

    • Don’t be shy • Ask questions Communication
  6. • Remote-first or remote-friendly ? • Trust • Know the

    people • Be friendly, nothing to lose Culture
  7. • Chat: Slack , Hipchat, … • Repo: Github, Gitlab,

    … • Video: Hangout, Skype, Zoom, … • Share: Google Drive, Dropbox, … • Collaboration: Screenhero, Google Docs, … Tools
  8. • Desk (standing?), ergonomic chair • Big screen with a

    good keyboard • Fast ISP, have a backup (phone hotspot) • Choose the best, it always pay off Stuff
  9. • Attend meetups, don’t neglect family • Workout, gym •

    Learn to say no • Know and explain yourself Social
  10. • Experience is needed • Open source projects • Be

    an expert, not generalist • Friends/network is important Find a job