An introduction to GraphQL

Presented at Facebook Developer Circles GDL chapter meetup in February 28th


Fernando Perales

February 28, 2018


  1. 1.

    Who is that GraphQL all my friends are talking about?

    #developercircles #devc @FerPeralesM GraphQL 101
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    Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer @ FLOSS advocate Heavy

    Metal and Beer lover Host the RubyGDL community Co-founder @ Railsbridge México In Gregory Sallust I trust #developercircles #devc @FerPeralesM
  3. 9.

    Goal: get the name of all the tracks from a

    playlist called “Starred” created by an specific user #developercircles #devc @FerPeralesM
  4. 27.

    Do an intensive operation in our backend (searching for the

    playlist with the “Starred” name) #developercircles #devc @FerPeralesM
  5. 28.

    And getting three big payloads with unnecessary data* *for our

    needs #developercircles #devc @FerPeralesM
  6. 30.

    GraphQL is, as the name might suggest, a query language

    #developercircles #devc @FerPeralesM