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The Future You: How to Grow as Frontend Software Developer - Jorge Ferreiro

The Future You: How to Grow as Frontend Software Developer - Jorge Ferreiro

Motivational talk to share more about my story into Frontend Software Development and inspire new junior engineers to have a growth mindset to be able to keep growing their tech careers

• How to grow in technology?
• How to do effective Code Reviews?
• How to ask for feedback?
• How to take ownership and being proactive?
• What is a product Engineer?
• How to reinvent yourself?
• Frontend, Backend, or FullStack?

We also covered many more topics like Hackathon, Tech Events, Open Source, The social Developer, and many more ideas they can bring to Eventbrite and their own lives.

Any questions? Reach out to me on Twitter (@jgferreiro) or on my website: https://jorgeferreiro.com/contact

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Jorge Ferreiro

January 19, 2020

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  2. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa How many of you know where do

    you wanna be in one year?
  3. @JGFERREIRO Frontend @Eventbrite Backend @Amazon Blogger, DJ, fan of musicals

    Jorge Ferreiro
  4. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA youtube.com/jgferreiro My youtube show:

  5. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA Index 1. Who are you? 2. The

    Growth Mindset 3. Improving you and the people around you 4. Conclusion + Action plan
  6. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA Goals 1. Plan your Long Term Goals

    2. Tips for building a career in tech 3. Action plan for the next year!
  7. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA My coding experience From Amazon to Eventbrite.

  8. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA Eventbrite Studio 1. Creating websites for your

    events 2. Backend service 3. Three Frontend apps
  9. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Who are you? Your Best Self 1.


  11. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA 1. Write 3 words that best describe

    you 2. What 3 things passionate you? 3. Debrief
  12. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA 1. Write 3 sentences that start with:

    “By EOD 2020 I have…” 2. Write 2 sentences that start:
 “Coworkers think I am…”

  14. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA It’s not who you are now…

  15. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Ownership and Proactivity 1.

  16. Take responsibility when you do something wrong or something bad

    happens @JGFERREIRO
  17. @JGFERREIRO • Notify my team • Notify affected teams •

    Notify support team
  18. DO not expect someone will do things for you, take

    the initiative! @JGFERREIRO

  20. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Tips to have ownership and be proactive

    1. Impact and improve your team • What are we missing? Testing? Coverage? Features? • Can we improve processes? Documentation? Add new tools? 2. Build trust in your team • Deliver high quality software • Step up when new ideas come • Take responsibility when something bad happens 3. Monitor slack channels and see if you can help. 4. Take action, do not be reactive
  21. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO The power of relationships 2.

  22. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Being smart is not enough. You need to

    invest in the power of relationships. Carla Harris - Morgan Stanley Exec
  23. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa The more you grow, the more important

    is the relationships you build around you
  24. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Tips to build relationships 1. Talk to

    as many people as you can.
 Tip Julia Hartz: Introduce yourself to everybody. 2. Find your references.
 Events. Linkedin. In the office. 3. Give back and generate value.
 Share your success, share knowledge… 4. Shoot to the moon 
 Don’t limit yourself to your country
  25. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Two examples of the power of relationships

  26. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa The importance of finding references and mentors

  27. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Feedback should be your fuel 3.

  28. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Why is feedback important?

  29. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Why is feedback important? 1. See your

    blind spots 2. Tool to keep improving 3. Builds trust on the people around you
  30. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa What I've learned?

  31. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa When to ask for feedback? 1. Regular

    1:1s 2. Every couple of months 3. When something good/bad happens • Example: Last week we demoed Studio, and I directly asked for it.
  32. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA 1. In pairs 2. “Your pair has

    told you in a Code review that your code is shit” 3. How would you handle the conflict? What feedback would you give to this person?
  33. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA 1. In pairs 2. “Your pair has

    done a real mess in a code review, that didn’t follow what you discussed offline” 3. How would you handle the conflict? What feedback would you give to this person?
  34. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Code reviews 4.

  35. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa How do you normally give feedback in

    code reviews?
  36. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Pair code reviews 1. I run a

    weekly meeting with Matt… This saved us a lot of time.
  37. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Keep code reviews small 1. Big reviews

    will have less comments and more bugs. 2. Make small incremental changes
  38. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Be kind and supportive 1. Add emojis!!

    ❤ 2. Use positive language! 3. Be constructive 4. Offline for longer discussions 5. Be careful with nitpicks
  39. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Product Engineer + Customer obsession 5.

  40. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa

  41. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa Product Engineer 1. Works to bring the

    maximum business value 2. Understand and care about business success 3. Asks questions like: 
 “Why do we need this?”, “What’s the impact in our customers"
 “Is this the right feature for your customers?” 4. Collaborates super close with designers and business 5. Participates into design meetings and user interviews
  42. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #codemotionpwa

  43. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Reinvent yourself 6.

  44. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Establish your learning plan + allocate time

  45. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO I’m constantly reinventing myself 1. Kid: Frontend 2.

    17 backend 3. College: Full Stack 4. Amazon Backend 5. Eventbrite Frontend + Full stack 6. Next: AWS, iOS
  46. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Also with your mentor

  47. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Go deeper in your knowledge! 
 Always keep

  48. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Technical skills are not ENOUGH 7.

  49. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO You already learned this… :) #teamwork #softskills #agile

  50. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Technical skills are important, but I wish I’d

    paid attention to human interactions earlier on Cesar Puerta - Twitter For Android
  51. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Improving you and the people around you 3.

  52. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA Hackathon https://www.ferreiro.me/blog/part-1-the-definitive- guide-to-making-the-most-of-college-tech-hackathons Organize Participate Learning opportunity

  53. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA Tech events Contribute Create libraries inside Eventbrite

    Learn from others
  54. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA Open Source Contribute Create libraries inside Eventbrite

    Learn from others
  55. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA The social developer You are your own

    brand Promote, share your stuff and be heard. Github, Linkedin…
  56. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA Eventbrite Tech debt Documentation New projects Blog

    posts Bring diversity
  57. @JGFERREIRO - [email protected] Q&A!

  58. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO Conclusions and action plan 4.

  59. @JGFERREIRO @JGFERREIRO #CODEMOTIONPWA 1. Re-read this presentation 2. Come up

    with a learning plan 3. Find a new mentor and reference 4. In the next CR, apply some of the advices Action plan

  61. @JGFERREIRO Never stop learning, always think how to GROW your

  62. @jgferreiro [email protected] Thanks EDA!