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Development Environments that Feel Local

Chris Fidao
September 14, 2022

Development Environments that Feel Local

We use Fly.io Machines to create fast, ephemeral development environments that feel local.

Chris Fidao

September 14, 2022

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  1. f ly.io • Still don’t want any cruft! • Dependency

    Hell • Brew • Docker New job, new laptop
  2. What I Want Use my own editor No funky setup/con

    f iguration Local tooling (git), remote compute (PHP, etc)
  3. Fly.io Global Easy Fast API Stoppable Quick Starts Machines File

    Syncing Network Forwarding Mutagen Wake on Network Access Free-ish
  4. I like this! • ✅ It’s fast • ✅ Not

    running 24/7 • ✅ Wake on network access • ✅ SSH available • ✅ Customizable • ✅ Extendable
  5. Annoying Stuff (aka Coming Soon™) • Requires ` f lyctl`

    be installed • No data persistence (yet) • You may want a DB, Cache • (I use SQLite!)