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Intro to etcd

Chris Fidao
February 12, 2014

Intro to etcd

Covering what etcd is, what it's used for and a demo showing getting/setting data via the REST api, showing leader election and finally using the "watch" ability to watch for when a key's value is updated.

Chris Fidao

February 12, 2014

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  1. what is etcd? • highly-available key-value store • written in

    Go • good for • shared configuration • service discovery • feature flags
  2. ok, so… what is etcd? highly-available key value store! Raft:

    A Distributed Consensus Protocol https://speakerdeck.com/benbjohnson/raft-the- understandable-distributed-consensus-protocol
  3. a cluster behind a proxy m f f etcd Proxy

    App A App B Web Proxy setups
  4. setups as part of each app/server App Server A m

    f App Server B f App Server C Web Proxy
  5. using etcd is it easy?! (yes) REST api! $ curl

    -X PUT \ -d “value=some-value” $ curl