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Service Oriented Architecture with a little help from NodeJS

Chris Fidao
November 11, 2013

Service Oriented Architecture with a little help from NodeJS

Gave this 5 minute lightning talk at a Javascript meetup group. It included an example application.
The web application (one service) was a small app built in Python/Flask. The search (a 2nd service) was powered by a Node HTTP server, used as an API to run the site search. Metrics (the third service) were captured using Node's Statsd (open-sourced by Etsy), which can be used safely in Python without fear of causing site crashes due to using UDP (a fire and forget protocol).

Chris Fidao

November 11, 2013

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  1. SOA
    With a little help from

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  2. Service-Oriented Architecture
    A software architecture design-pattern
    based on discrete pieces of software
    providing application functionality as
    services to other applications

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  3. Why SOA?
    • Errors don’t bring down your whole stack*
    • Overloaded services don’t effect everything else*
    • Scale bottleneck services separately from other service*
    • Teams work separately per functional area*
    • Can use the “right tool for the job”*
    *  probably  

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  4. The Application
    •  The Site (Python)
    •  Search (Node)
    •  Metrics (Node)

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