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Introduction to Front-End tooling

Introduction to Front-End tooling

If you aren’t using automation, you are working too hard.
Download the GIF-version of the presentation here (Keynote): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ib9igtsdvdbjch/Introduction%20to%20Front-End%20tooling.key?dl=0

Fernando Agüero

March 24, 2016

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  1. Development Tasks • Others • LiveReload • Watch Jade /

    Haml • Watch CoffeeScript • Watch Sass / Less / Stylus
  2. Build Tasks • Code linting • Tests running • Compiling

    • Minification/Concatenation • Images/icons generation • HTTP Server • Deployment • And more…
  3. Yeoman • Creates a build configuration • Scaffolds out a

    new application • Pulls in relevant build tasks and package manager dependencies
  4. Gulp • Stream-based build system • Code over configuration •

    Small, idiomatic Node modules • Really simple and elegant API
  5. The Package Manager is used for dependency management, so that

    you no longer have to manually download and manage your scripts The package manager